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Different Types Of Mehndi Designs 2017

Nowadays, the best henna Mehndi designs are available for girls and women of every age group. These different types of henna is are happy to communicate with them because they greatly increase their beauty. These designs make four moons on your beauty in any wedding ceremony or other events.

These Mehndi designs are excellent for both of your hands and can be used by women of all ages. Women believe that henna is only right for some time but their skin becomes identical, so now they also install Mehandi in their fingers and feet. This practice is famous in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and other Arab countries.

Today, Mehdi is used in weddings and other festivals also on hands and feet. There are many experts using Hena who are able to paint your feet and fingers with beautiful designs. Below are some types of such designs given below.

Henna is a very beautiful practice which is followed in the Asian countries on various occasions. It is used during Teej, Karwachtha, Eid, Wedding festivals etc. Mehndi is of many types and it brings a different beauty in the hands and feet of a woman.

There are many women all over the world who are addicted to henna, and there are many such experts who keep coming up with a new henna of new designs to fulfill their wish. Some examples of this are the Pakistani Mehndi, Indo Arabic mehndi, Mughlai Mehndi, Gujarat Mehndi etc. Below are some types of Mehndi designs given.

Types of Mehndi Designs (Types of Mehendi)

Based on different cultural environments, Mehndi can be divided into several parts. Pakistani, Arabic, Indian and African The designs of these different areas are also quite different.

Arabic Mehndi Designs


Mehndi design photo includes a mixture of the Arabic Mehndi design which is quite enigmatic Indian designs. These designs are quite nicely and they are worn by the brides and are worn on the occasion of marriage. Children also use these designs on Eid’s occasions.

Indian Mehndi Designs

The design of Indian Mehndi in Mehndi Design Photo (mehdi ka dijaen) is full of most famous and most diverse. It can be easy by a lot of difficult types. In ordinary designs, a large point is engraved in the middle of the hand or in the middle of the palm. The fingers of the fingers are also painted with henna. These designs are quite easy and can also be made by novice. After a little practice, you will not have more than two minutes to make this design. If we talk about the designs of the difficult and esoteric henna, then they exhibit very high level nuances and artwork. These designs are used in special occasions such as on wedding occasions. It is very difficult to be proficient in making these designs. It takes only several hours to finish the design of one hand. Most such designs are used by brides in marriage.

African mehndi designs

In the Mehndi design photo, like the Arabian Mehndi’s designs, the sizes are not even filled in African Mehdi. These designs are of general geometric size and are full of lines, square shapes and points. This type of Mehndi does not have much space between lines like Arabic Mehdi. They fill your hands and feet properly.

Indo – Arabic mehendi designs

In Mehndi design photo , an outline is made in Arabic Mehndi sense, which is filled with good. In this, the traditional Indian size and decor is engraved which you can adapt to your own accord. This Arabic Mehndi is the best design used in Indian weddings.

Floral mehndi designs

Flowers are one of the most beautiful scenes of nature. Mehndi Design Photos can be easily used to give a new color to the Mehndi design of flowers. If the glitter and shimmers are also included in the art of flowering, then it will prove to be a great henna to be used in weddings and other special festivals. They look beautiful and well-groomed and presented. You can choose from different designs which can be used according to the program.

Bangle style mehndi design

This type of henna is similar to bangles. Its spherical shape provides beautiful hands to your hands and feet. Using this style, you will not have to think much about wearing bangles because this design is given in Mehndi only. It’s a beautifully designed colorful design that lets you and your hands look beautiful and colorful.

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Moroccan mehndi designs

Moroccan henna design  is quite geometric by nature. Uniform patterns of flowers make this henna pretty gorgeous. This is a design that women want to use most because it is a very easy and dignified Mehndi design. It looks beautiful on the length of the wrists.

Rajasthani Mehndi Designs

There is a lot of enlightening artwork in it and some curls and curves are made in peacocks, flowers and in the middle. There is not much space left in the middle They are made in most fine lines in which the hands are covered with fingers from the fingertips to the elbows and to the knees from the thumb to the feet.

Glitter Mehndi Designs

This is a mix of Indian and Arabic designs. Their designs are quite prominent and their outer outline is filled with delicate patterns and different sizes. Sparkles have been used to improve these designs. This is the most popular attraction of Mehndi’s designs nowadays. The designs of these designs are decorated with different colored stones.

Mughlai Mehndi design

Here the designs are quite clean and well-stocked. They have a different dimension where every curl and every point has their own significance and their separate place. Mughlai is one of the oldest and most traditional designs. These are the use of designs related to flowers and geometry, which is engraved on the hands by leaving a considerable space. Usually, they go from the ends of the fingers to the skins in the lower direction. Among these, important lines and points have been mixed with flowers, leaves and petals.

Bridal Mehndi Design

Various types of samples, flowers and other patterns are spread from top to bottom. They begin with the fingers of the fingers and they continue till half of the hand. Various specimens have been used in these flows. Different lines, curves and dots in it provide a beautiful look to this henna. Brides from India and other Asian countries like this henna

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