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Easy & Beautiful Traditional Mehndi Designs

Some things never go out of fashion. Mehndi art definitely falls under this category. It is one form, which is practiced and loved all around the world. Be it festivals or weddings, girls leave no chance to fill their hands with beautiful mehndi designs and flaunt them afterward. Can’t blame them, really! 😉 The sweet fragrance of henna, its rich color, and the attractive designs can be so alluring. It can make your hands more appealing and add a traditional touch to your look. Not only this, there’s a common belief in Indian tradition, that the deeper the color of your henna, the more your beloved loves you. So, who can resist looking so beautiful with a touch of henna, and all the good things it brings along. :) Here, I bring you an assortment of unique and artistic mehndi designs from around the world, that are suitable for any occasion and will surely glam up your look. Ladies! Feast your eyes on these awesome mehndi designs.



The traditional Indian Mehndi art is a complex and detailed one. It incorporates various Indian motifs like elephants, peacocks, and paisleys, along with beautiful floral patterns. For the brides, special motifs including, miniature brides and grooms are used in the mehndi design, which makes the bride’s hands look even more attractive. The key focus of this style is to fill up the hands and feet, without leaving much space between the designs.



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Thick Lines

This floral design uses thick lines. Thick lines are easy because they cover more space and give the illusion of a dense pattern. Such designs are very common and obviously simple to draw.





Loved by many, the Arabic Mehndi style is simple and elegant. You’ll mainly find floral and leaf motifs in this design, which have thicker outlines giving them a bolder appearance. There is minimal design involved and the hands are not completely filled. This refined mehndi art is a delight in vision.






The Pakistani Mehndi art is a blend of the Arabic and Indian styles. There is a perfect balance of geometric, paisley, as well as floral patterns in this style, which add grace to your hands and feet and make them look pretty. This art form is a favorite among Muslim brides.





The rich culture and beauty of Sudan are well reflected in this form of Mehndi art. It is a contemporary form of art, which consists of intricate, as well as thick and bold patterns, merged together to form a unique design. The floral and geometric motifs used in this design, makes your hands and feet look stylish and attractive, at the same time.



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The ethnic African mehndi art uses geometrically patterned angles in its design. In this style, you’ll find a lot of tribal motifs, along with lines, dots, and squares. Just like the Arabic style, African too focuses on keeping the design to the minimum, with a lot of gap between the patterns. Yet, this design is unique and has a charm of its own.




Unlike other forms of Mehndi art, the Moroccan style is heavily geometry-centric. No floral patterns or motifs are used in its design. It is slightly similar to the African style and looks extremely classy and elegant. This form has become hugely popular among women.




Beautify your look by choosing your favorite Mehndi style, among these traditional and stunning designs, from across the world! :)



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